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Our outcome

With the Litmos system now providing information that had previously been given over the phone,
via mail-outs and in face-to-face meetings and sessions – which staff had to travel to and
facilitate - the new self-selection process saved us time and money..

The volunteer enquiry-to-conversion rate rose to above 60%, and an estimated 200 person-hours
were able to be reallocated. This alone represented an estimated saving of $10,000 per annum.

Additionally, the organisation was able to develop and offer further online training for volunteers and
staff, including inductions, policies & procedures and courses on topics such as Basic Food Safety, Hygiene and Infection Control, Driver Safety, Responsible Social Media, and Working with Respect.

Under NDIS, efficiencies in staff training are vital - once again our system has proved its worth in overall effectiveness and compliance management.

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